DEA agent testifies that long-time Angels starting pitcher sent $1,700 to Eric Kay

July 10, 2018; Anaheim, CA, USA; Garrett Richards, LA Angels
July 10, 2018; Anaheim, CA, USA; Garrett Richards, LA Angels / Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

DEA Agent Mike Ferry testified on Monday that former LA Angel starting pitcher Garrett Richards had sent $1,700 to former Angels Communications Director Eric Kay through three different instances back at the end of 2017.

Kay had admitted in the past that he and Tyler Skaggs used to abuse oxycodone together, so what Ferry just testified adds fuel to what this trial is of course about. The trial is making an effort to figure out whether it was indeed Kay who supplied Skaggs with the drugs that caused his untimely and tragic death in 2019.

Multiple players have testified. The trial is ongoing as of the writing of this article. Taking a look at Richards' case specifically, there likely isn't enough information to prove that Richards is at all responsible for the drugs that resulted in Skaggs passing away. What this is being analyzed for, however, is likely to show how easily players were spending money on and abusing drugs with Kay.

Kay already said that he believes that five other Angels players used opiates while with the ballclub. Kay has pointed at Matt Harvey as the possible drug source for Skaggs. While Ferry does not know what these Venmo transactions from Richards are for, the trial looked into the information due to how suspicious transactions with Kay look at this point.

Former LA Angels pitcher Garrett Richards was expected to testify that "Eric Kay asked him for unused oxycodone pills."

This isn't exactly what has happened with former LA Angel Garrett Richards here, but the trial is not yet over. Another former Angel in Andrew Heaney has already testified and was cross-examined.

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Harvey and CJ Cron testified today (more information on Halo Hangout about that will be coming soon). It's a tough situation with a lot going on right now. Our thoughts at Halo Hangout are with the Skaggs family, as they navigate a tough time.