Everything that has happened (by the numbers) since Anthony Rendon last got a hit

It has been a long, long time since Rendon has gotten a hit in a real baseball game.
Los Angeles Angels v Miami Marlins
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While the Los Angeles Angels season is very young, it is clear that manager Ron Washington's plan to bat Anthony Rendon at leadoff is not off to a great start. Through 20 plate appearances, Rendon has yet to record a hit and has only reached base once on a walk. That is not what you want to see. He got the day off on Wednesday because he's been so bad.

In fact, it has been a lot longer than that since Rendon recorded a hit in a game that actually counts. One has to go all the way back to July 3, 2023 to find Rendon's last base knock in an MLB game, a single against the Padres. That it has been 275 days or 6600 hours or 396,000 minutes since we last saw Rendon and his famous lack of love for baseball actually do the thing he was signed to do.

Let's take a look at everything that has happened during Rendon's hitless streak.

Anthony Rendon's hitting drought by the numbers

During Rendon's 275-day hitting drought, he has played in a total of six games for the Angels. That's because he spent 116 days on the injured list during that same span of time. Given Rendon's contract pays him roughly $234,567 a game, and also assuming that Rendon played in the 74 games he missed on the IL (which is obviously a HUGE if), the Angels have paid Rendon $18,765,360 since that last fateful single against the Padres.

Over that same span, David Fletcher, who had just 52 plate appearances with the Angels and isn't even with the team anymore after a trade with the Braves, recorded 13 hits over the same period of time. Miguel Sano and his scant 10 plate appearances still has one hit to his name. Trey Cabbage, who wasn't even good enough to keep on the Angels roster and had to get traded, still had 11 hits for the Angels in his 56 plate appearances during the same 275-day stretch.

Taking an even bigger step back, here's what has happened in the world since Rendon's last recorded hit in a big league game (these are rough estimates).

  • Around 15 people have been struck and killed by lightning
  • 742.5 million Happy Meals have been sold by McDonald's
  • 4,675 meteors have struck the Earth
  • Ford has manufactured 1,925,000 vehicles around the world (conservative estimate there)
  • As many as 41,250 species have gone extinct
  • 15,125 earthquakes and 880 tornadoes have struck
  • Roughly 2,200 satellites have been put into orbit

The world has changed a lot since Anthony Rendon put a ball in play that was ruled a hit. Millions of people have passed and millions others have been born, the Angels went from possible contender to a team in search of itself, and the physical state of the Earth has undergone significant change.

Based on how he has looked at the plate thus far in 2024, it doesn't look like things for Rendon have changed at all beyond the fact that he is at least showing up to games now.

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