Ex-LA Angel Blake Parker gives emotional admission in trial regarding Tyler Skaggs

Sep 18, 2018; Oakland, CA, USA; Blake Parker, LA Angels
Sep 18, 2018; Oakland, CA, USA; Blake Parker, LA Angels / Darren Yamashita-USA TODAY Sports

Blake Parker is the latest player to testify in 'U.S. v Eric Kay,' which is the trial surrounding the tragic and untimely death of ex-LA Angel Tyler Skaggs.

Parker was not with the Angels at the time of Skaggs' passing, but was of course with the team in the two seasons prior (2017 and 2018). He admitted on Wednesday to also getting opioids from Kay, which now makes five former Angels that received them from Kay.

Being at this trial was not easy for Parker, as he was brought to tears. Parker also revealed that while he doesn't remember if it was Skaggs that introduced him to Kay, the former Angels Communications director, but that he heard that Kay was "the man."

Kay did go to rehab in 2019, which is part of what makes this situation so complicated. The road trip Skaggs passed during was Kay's first road trip back with the team. Kay and the rest of the defense tried to prove on Wednesday that there isn't proof that the drugs that led to Skaggs' suffocation on his vomit were given to him by Kay, and also want to try to prove that there is no concrete evidence that the drugs speculated to have been given to him by Kay were the direct cause of his death.

Blake Parker is an example of how difficult this situation is for former LA Angels teammates of Tyler Skaggs.

Former LA Angels players throughout the process have expressed grief about the situation regarding their brother in Tyler Skaggs. Obviously, Blake Parker's emotion displays how difficult this is for everyone.

Per an ESPN investigation in 2019, Kay did admit to abusing oxycodone with Skaggs on a regular basis. He said that is was unlikely, though, that he distributed the drugs to Skaggs on the day he passed.

He said he thought that five other Angels used opiates while with the team, and was correct. His argument pertaining to trying to prove that it wasn't those drugs that killed Skaggs anyway, is due to the fact that Skaggs also had grain alcohol in his system.

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The trial continues today, and regardless of what happens, we at Halo Hangout have the Skaggs family in our thoughts today and always while they go through an unfair and difficult battle.