Former Angels commentator gives his thoughts on Anthony Rendon

Long time Los Angeles Angels commentator wants Anthony Rendon gone.
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Since his appearance on the Jack Vita Show over a week ago, Los Angeles Angels third baseman Anthony Rendon has been under fire by the baseball world after making comments about wanting a shorter MLB season.

During his time on the Angels over the last four years, Rendon has not been particularly a favorite for the Halos. Recently, former Angels play-by-play commentator Victor Rojas publicly came out and admitted if he were the general manager he would cut losses with Rendon and move on from him.

Former Angels broadcaster would move on from Anthony Rendon today

As Rojas was appearing on his podcast and discussing how the Angels need to change the culture within the clubhouse, his cohost Chuck Richter went on to say that Rendon is a player who doesn't care, Rojas went on to say that he would get rid of him immediately.

"I would get rid of him tomorrow. It's sunk money and if the quotes are true of what he's saying in the clubhouse"

Per Angels Win Podcast

Rojas also went on to say that he has never had the opportunity to meet him as the media had limited availability to the players during Rojas's final year calling games for the Angels in 2020 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. He would also go on to say that he has heard nothing but great things about Rendon.

"What I've read and what I've seen, what little I have seen. Done. You're paying for the contract anyway. I know someone said well maybe he should retire so that the Angels don't have to pay him the money. Whatever, it's over one hundred million dollars, over one hundred fifteen million dollars, whatever the case may be. I'd ship him out."

Per Angels Win Podcast

Following his statement, Rojas went on to say this type of move would be one to send a message to a whole locker room that if you don't want to be here then we will move on from you.