Joe Maddon firing was the perfect storm

Toronto Blue Jays v Los Angeles Angels
Toronto Blue Jays v Los Angeles Angels / Meg Oliphant/GettyImages

It was a shock on Tuesday that LA Angels manager Joe Maddon was relieved of his managerial duties and Phil Nevin was named the interim manager.

The Angels had lost 12 in a row at the time of Maddon's firing and the writing was on the wall when the team hired Ray Montgomery to be the teams' bench coach.

Things needed to change for the LA Angels.

There's no doubt that Maddon is probably one of the nicest guys in baseball and understands player chemistry. However, his bullpen management for the LA Angels and questionable decisions like walking Corey Seager with the bases loaded, then not walking Bryce Harper when Raisel Iglesias clearly didn't have it, did cost the team some possible wins/losses.

The main thing was more than likely the failure to translate analytics into on-field production. In an interview with The Athletic immediately after his departure, Maddon said he spoke with LA Angels general manager Perry Minasian in which he stated "I said you just try to reduce the information you're giving, try to be aware of who's giving the information and really be aware of when it's time to stay out of the way."

This is on LA Angels' GM Perry now.

Now, Phil Nevin might bring the polar opposite of what Joe Maddon is in that Nevin brings a fiery presence and is not afraid to let an umpire here it. Maddon has been hot tempered before, but Nevin has been known to say what's on his mind when he was the third base coach for the Yankees.

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Based on what we know, this is all on Minasian now as this was his call and whatever happens even with Nevin now in charge, Minasian is the one calling the shots. The team couldn't do any worse with letting Maddon go, as losing 12 in a row is plenty of time to get things right. It might have been the right time to get a new look at things with time to still save their season.