LA Angels need to embrace old school mentality with Phil Nevin hiring

Texas Rangers v New York Yankees
Texas Rangers v New York Yankees / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

It was reported that the LA Angels have hired former Yankees third base coach, Phil Nevin, for the same position.

They are also reportedly discussing hiring former Padres first base coach, Wayne Kirby, for the same position as well.

Phil Nevin adds new look for LA Angels

With the hiring of Phil Nevin to man the third base coaching job for the LA Angels, they'll be getting someone that was under the Yankees and Aaron Boone's regime. Boone wasn't thrilled about letting him go. While the Yankees look to shake things up, the Angels will be getting a guy who was part of the organization in 1998 and known for his hot temper back in the day.

For the Yankees, Nevin will be remembered for his controversial send of Aaron Judge to home plate during the Wild Card game against the Red Sox.

This hiring should be taken as the Angels looking to stay with the old school mentality of playing the game, while the rest of the league has been embracing analytics. The Angels already have Joe Maddon heading the team with his experience. They will be getting what knowledge Nevin brings as well as the chemistry between the two, and it should blend well.

While analytics has been dominating the forefront of today's game, there are indescribable moments in the game that need a gut feeling to assess the situation.

LA Angels need perfect blend of new school and old school

While analytics do provide us with new ways of thinking and how to approach the game of baseball, there are things analytics can't do, like try to describe the impossible. This is where an old school mind like Nevin can be brought into play; hopefully indicating that the LA Angels already have enough information within the analytical department. It can be safe to presume that Angels general manager, Perry Minasian, has been hard at work to change the look of the team with his own knowledge of analytics and incorporating them to the field level.

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One thing that needs to be brought up is that Nevin was reportedly not fired for his on-the-field duties, but rather off the field. While we don't have a clear indication as to why, it does raise some eyebrows on specifically why he was let go from the Yankees and hopefully the Angels were able to clear that up upon his hiring. Yes, analytics play a huge role into how teams are assembled and win, but there needs to be a perfect blend of them with old school thinking in order to build a winner, and the Angels might just have it.