3 biggest losers of Angels Spring Training so far

Los Angeles Angels v Los Angeles Dodgers
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2. LA Angels outfielder Brett Phillips could potentially lose his spot

I don't expect this to happen, but Phil Nevin has been saying consistently that he's going to take the best 26 players. That means that even if there's less opportunity for someone like Mickey Moniak who's swung the bat well to play with the Angels, they'd still take him over someone who's looked awful for the most part in Brett Phillips.

Nobody expected Phillips to hit much considering his track record, but he has two hits in 24 at-bats this spring with 14 strikeouts. That's not including the three hitless at-bats with two strikeouts in the USA game. So Phillips really has two hits in 27 at-bats with 16 strikeouts. Pretty unacceptable to be striking out almost 60% of the time.

We get the glove, and the speed, and the clubhouse presence, but for him to be THIS bad offensively is hard to wrap your head around.

I still expect him to make the team because of the fact that he'll rarely play outside of pinch running, and because the Angels gave him a MLB deal. The Angels can use players like Jared Walsh, Luis Rengifo, and Brandon Drury in the outfield, Phillips is just needed for center field on days Mike Trout doesn't play. I also think it's beneficial to give young players like Moniak and Adell regular at-bats in the minors if they can't get them in the bigs. If he was on a minor league deal I think he'd have no shot, but his guaranteed deal makes it unlikely that he's actually cut.