Mike Trout being involved in fantasy football dust-up is ridiculous

Los Angeles Angels v New York Yankees
Los Angeles Angels v New York Yankees / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

Recently, a video surfaced of Reds' outfielder Tommy Pham slapping Giants' outfielder Joc Pederson which made for an interesting headline.

Pham had told media that it was over a fantasy football league in which Pederson was hoarding players in his roster illegally. He then mentioned that LA Angels' superstar Mike Trout was the commissioner of the league.

The story seems pretty ridiculous to believe, but it's what we're given and it seems like the players are sticking to it. Trout being involved as the commissioner is surprising to believe and could generate some interesting headlines in the future if pressed on the subject.

This story and Mike Trout's involvement has gone too far.

Mike Trout's name shouldn't have been mentioned, considering how much media attention it got. In an article by The Athletic, it was reported that Pham had apologized to Trout about name-dropping him during the incident. It also mentions that Trout stated "You guys are dragging it on. But it's a legendary fantasy football league, that's for sure."

A fantasy football league that involves some of the greatest baseball players in the game right now? And the best player of this generation is the commissioner? It sounds like something out of a movie considering the stakes seem pretty high with a $10,000 buy-in.

So, what should happen from here? Should Trout be grilled for being the commissioner and having a rather down season so far? Should he step down from the position to really focus on baseball? I don't think so just considering that it probably doesn't take much to run a fantasy football league.

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I think this shows that baseball players are just being human and need some fun in their lives. If this league really does exist and this story is true, then it shows that this is one way that players try to have some light fun in a grueling 162-game season.