Mike Trout finally exposes what really goes on in "legendary" fantasy football league

Mike Trout, LA Angels
Mike Trout, LA Angels / Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Trout was interviewed in the dugout during the LA Angels' Sunday Night Baseball game against the New York Mets this past Sunday.

Much of the interview was actually about the "legendary" (as Trout called it in the interview) fantasy football league that got so intense that it resulted in a physical altercation between the San Francisco Giants' OF Joc Pederson and Cincinnati Reds' IF Tommy Pham.

The physical altercation was over a rules dispute that the two faced in the league, and Pham was suspended by MLB after he slapped Pederson. The league will always remain controversial, but Trout unveiled some more intriguing details about the legendary league Sunday night.

Mike Trout revealed that LA Angels' Alex Bregman won the fantasy football league.

LA Angels' CF Mike Trout also hilariously seemed to allude back to when Pham said that Trout is "the worst commissioner in fantasy sports."

“I’ll tell you right now, [the league is] probably getting another commissioner," said Trout.

Regardless of whether he agrees with Pham or not, he's expecting to not be the commissioner next year. After all, that's probably a good thing. Pham himself knows the extra commitment that comes with being in charge of a league.

"I don’t want to be the f—ing commissioner; I’ve got other [stuff] to do," said Pham when discussing his suspension in the past.

This way, Trout won't be thrown under the bus by Pham or others in the future, like recently when Pham blamed Trout for the altercation.

“Trout is the worst commissioner in fantasy sports because he allowed a lot of [stuff] to go on, and he could’ve solved it all," Pham previously added.

Trout responded back when Pham made that bold statement by stating the reality that “every commissioner I know always gets booed.” 

Perhaps Bregman can now take the blame for issues the league faces moving forward, and be the commissioner. Nobody knows as of yet. Regardless, this fantasy league will go down in infamy and will likely be asked about and talked about quite a bit in the future. Trout even informed the broadcast that there's a wait list to be in the league, and that there's a $10,000 buy-in.

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Something seems to suggest that the $10,000 buy-in could probably even go up sometime soon too and wouldn't result in any less interest in joining the league. After all, Trout revealed during the interview that he's been receiving lots of calls and texts about joining the league.