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Ranking the positions the LA Angels should focus on in 2022 MLB Draft

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No. 3 position the LA Angels should focus on in 2022 MLB Draft: Middle Infielder (Second Base, Shortstop)

Similar to the argument about why the LA Angels are going to need to prioritize pitching, the LA Angels should target middle infielders because they haven't had a solid franchise shortstop or second baseman for a while.

The only reason why middle infielders wouldn't be higher on the list is because they already have a fair amount of them in the Halos' top list of minor league prospects, so the organization should look to see how those players perform before shifting their focus to other options. There are also a lot of good early and late 1st round middle infielders that could potentially land with the LA Angels.

Again, look for the Angels to possibly take a middle infielder at 13 if one of the top prospects fall, otherwise look for them to add a couple middle infielders throughout the draft.