Rod Carew should have limited role with LA Angels

Los Angeles Angels Introduce Joe Maddon - News Conference
Los Angeles Angels Introduce Joe Maddon - News Conference / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages

It was recently revealed by former LA Angels legend Rod Carew on Twitter that the organization's leadership does not want him involved with their club.

Now before we start calling for Angels owner, Arte Moreno's head as fans typically do, this might be due to the fact of Carew's previous experience with the club. Carew was the team's hitting coach in 1992 and while I'm sure he brings a limitless amount of knowledge on hitting, the game has certainly changed since then.

LA Angels moving on from an era

Now before anyone hates on here for my take, let me explain. There is no doubt that Carew was an absolute monster at the plate with a career OPS+ of 131, 18 All-Star appearances, a Rookie Of The Year, and a Hall of Fame induction. But times have certainly changed since then in the world of baseball and with that comes the incorporation of advanced metrics.

As mentioned in a previous article, the team already has a manager that knows how to blend statistics and feel in the game in Joe Maddon.

However, Carew can definitely help players that are struggling with their swing and could possibly incorporate his knowledge in fixing their swings. The team already has their hitting coach in Jeremy Reed, but Carew could show up in a possible front office role similar to what Ben Rowen is doing with the club, just with less analytical background.

LA Angels need to establish philosophy

It feels like that has been one of the biggest things the team has been lacking for the past couple of seasons with general manager and manager changes. Establishing a philosophy within the organization should be one of the biggest needs for the team besides adding pitching depth, which they have. Adding Carew into the mix could either benefit or hurt the team based on the philosophy they want to establish in their players.

This controversy creates an awkward situation for the team now as Carew has told his side of the story. Now the Angels will have to answer for it. This decision must have come from the top with the likes of Arte Moreno or John Carpino, the team president, as it's been like a revolving door within the front office and on the field management.

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Also, the Angels have not been too friendly to former alumni of the team as none have returned to work for the organization. Whatever happens, the team needs to properly address it and clear up the drama behind this.