The best Angels player to wear number 14

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Number 14 was worn by the best manager in Los Angeles Angels history, Mike Scioscia. Scioscia is the winningest manager in Angels history and was at the helm when the Halos won their first and only (so far) World Series championship. Scioscia is the best member of the organization to wear number 14, but he wasn't a player.

The best player is a little bit harder to find. Scioscia wearing the number for his entire 19-year tenure with the club made it harder for players to don number 14, but there are a couple of decent players.

The hope is that Logan O'Hoppe becomes the best Angels player to wear number 14. He debuted this past season and will potentially be the Opening Day catcher. Billy Cowan was a pretty good utility man for the Halos during his three seasons as an Angel but he isn't the best to wear number 14.

Troy Glaus is the best player to wear number 14 in Angels history

Troy Glaus is more known for wearing another number as an Angel, but he actually wore three numbers total in his Angels tenure. Glaus began his MLB career wearing number 12 but made a quick switch to number 14. He'd stick with 14 for part of the 1998 season and the entire 1999 campaign.

Glaus' performance in the 1999 season is the reason why he's the best Angel to ever wear the number.

Glaus slashed .240/.331/.450 with 29 home runs and 79 RBI. We all know the 2000 season is when Glaus really broke out, but Glaus hitting 29 home runs in his first full season was nothing to scoff at, and gave Angels fans a real preview of what was to come.

Glaus' time wearing number 14 was short-lived as Scioscia took that number once he became the manager but his production was good enough to make him (for now) the best Angels player to ever wear the number.

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