The best Angels player to wear number 57

New York Yankees vs Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - July 22, 2005
New York Yankees vs Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - July 22, 2005 / Steve Grayson/GettyImages

12 players have worn number 57 in Los Angeles Angels history. Zack Weiss currently wears number 57 for the Halos. He did not begin the season on the Opening Day roster and is in the minors right now. Weiss made 12 appearances and had a 3.38 ERA for the Halos last season. He will likely see some time in the MLB at some point this season.

Jerome Williams is an Angel who wore number 57 with the club, Hansel Robles did the same in his three years here.

Out of the 12 players to wear the number, the answer as to who the best is needs no explanation, but you're going to get it anyway.

Francisco Rodriguez is the best player to wear number 57 in Angels history

Francisco Rodriguez was, simply put, one of the best relievers in MLB history. It might be a little far-fetched, but he was just so dominant as an Angel. He came up in 2002 and made five appearances without allowing a run. This was enough for the Angels to carry him on their postseason roster, and they don't regret that for a second.

Rodriguez pitched to a 1.93 ERA in 11 appearances that postseason. The highlight, of course, was his scoreless inning in Game 7 of the World Series to hand the ball to Troy Percival. Rodriguez was used a ton, and often for more than an inning. He was really, really good.

He'd remain in a set-up role until Percival left following the 2004 season. From 2005-2008 as the Angels full-time closer, Rodriguez posted a 2.35 ERA in 275 appearances and 276 innings pitched. He had a 2.93 FIP and struck out 11.6 batters per nine. He'd record 194 saves, 62 of which would come in the 2008 season.

62 saves is still not only the franchise record for a single season, but an MLB record. K-Rod stands alone at that number, and nobody has even gotten super close. Edwin Diaz had 57 saves in 2018, that's still five away from tying K-Rod. Will someone break it? Probably, but with more and more teams deciding their closers based on matchups instead of having one defined player, it's possible this record stands for a long time.

K-Rod was a three-time all-star as a member of the Angels and finished in the top four of the Cy Young balloting three times as well, finishing as high as third in 2008. That season saw him finish sixth in the AL MVP balloting which is absurd for a reliever.

He was arguably the best reliever in baseball during that period of time. Just so dominant. His 208 saves rank second in Angels history, 82 more than third place Bryan Harvey. He was not Percival, but he was pretty darn close.

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