Three contracts the Angels can dump to clear space

Sep 12, 2022; Cleveland, Ohio, USA; Los Angeles Angels catcher Max Stassi (33) separates umpire John
Sep 12, 2022; Cleveland, Ohio, USA; Los Angeles Angels catcher Max Stassi (33) separates umpire John / David Richard-USA TODAY Sports
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The Los Angeles Angels have a need at shortstop. David Fletcher is not the answer, and they could really use one of the three star shortstops remaining on the open market.

Trea Turner signed an 11 year $300 million dollar deal with the Phillies. No other shortstop will get 11 years, but they could get around or even higher than Turner's AAV. For the Angels to sign one of these shortstops they'd have to go into the tax. Unless, of course, they dump some contracts.

To be clear they should not do this, as they'd likely have to attach a prospect to trade a couple of these contracts. However, if the Angels want a shortstop and want to stay under the luxury tax, it could happen.

Furthermore, as nice as it would be, there is no way out of Anthony Rendon's contract. The Angels just have to hope he can stay on the field and give them SOMETHING.

1) Contract the Angels can dump: Max Stassi

Max Stassi signed a three-year $17.5 million dollar extension last season with the Angels. In hindsight, this didn't turn out to be the best decision as Stassi struggled mightily offensively and regressed defensively this past season.

The hope is Logan O'Hoppe wins the Opening Day catcher job and never lets go. Stassi likely will stay as a backup to O'Hoppe, but the Halos do have Matt Thaiss who maybe they'll feel comfortable with in that role.

Stassi is making $7 million dollars in 2023 and 2024 and has a club option for $7.5 million dollars with a $500,000 buyout for 2025. This contract isn't awful but isn't great either. Maybe a team like the Cardinals who are searching for a catcher and might even be interested in James McCann, who is worse and more expensive than Stassi, could be interested in him.

The Angels might have to attach a lower-level prospect to get another team to eat the entirety of the contract, but nothing too crazy. Stassi can be a low-end starter or quality backup. He's a good clubhouse guy and the contract isn't so horrible.