Top MLB Insider posts unreal Shohei Ohtani stat that proves he's still the AL MVP

Shohei Ohtani, LA Angels
Shohei Ohtani, LA Angels / Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

LA Angels' Ace/DH Shohei Ohtani is the clear American League MVP again this season. He's a full-time 141 OPS+ hitter and a full-time 147 ERA+ pitcher. He's two great players in one.

Therefore, he's pretty clearly the most valuable in this league, and he's a household name at this point. He's clearly the most valuable player TO the league as well, in that case, as he's carrying the game as the face of baseball and has brought MLB an insane amount of new fans all over the world.

ESPN's MLB Insider Jeff Passan also recently brought up some fascinating information on Twitter that shows how direct Ohtani's performance has been on winning as of late:

This article isn't meant to just share a tweet, but to point out that Ohtani is currently as hot as ever. If this type of performance continues, he'll be the runaway favorite for the MVP very quickly. While many are taking what ShoTime is doing for granted, they may not have a choice for much longer.

Aaron Judge and Mike Trout are Shohei Ohtani's only competition for AL MVP.

And even then, those two have the same fWAR as Shohei Ohtani right now at 4.0. They don't have the advantage over him there, and while they have put up better offensive numbers, they haven't picked up the ball to hit the mound a single time obviously.

Ohtani is on quite the upward swing. In his last 21.2 IP, he's not allowed a single run. Since the game that streak started (June 9th), Ohtani has hit .344/.436/.719 (1.155 OPS), while smoking six bombs and driving in 17 runs in those 18 games (numbers in article are as of Passan's tweet).

So, if Ohtani's .505 slugging percentage and 49 RBIs at the plate, combined with his 2.68 ERA and 12.3 strikeouts per nine innings isn't enough for any of the voters, those numbers are only going to be getting better. As Passan pointed out, that fWAR is only going to go up.

Think Ohtani was impressive when he was a unanimous AL MVP last year? Well, his batting average is up, his RBIs are on pace to go up, his fWAR is on pace to go up, and his doubles are on pace to go up.

And on the mound, his ERA is down, his FIP is down (2.53), his SIERA is down (2.54), his walks per nine are down (2.07), his strikeouts per nine are up, and he's on pace for more Wins.

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Judge is a top three player in baseball, and not a single Angel fan will complain if Trout takes the MVP. But ShoTime is an All-Star Starting Pitcher AND an All-Star Designated Hitter. There's nobody in the American League more valuable than that. There's nobody in the Major Leagues more valuable than that.