Watch Angels vs. Dodgers Spring Breakout game live on Halo Hangout

Angels fans, check out LA's best young talent during MLB Spring Breakout.

Los Angeles Angels pitcher Caden Dana (91) pitches
Los Angeles Angels pitcher Caden Dana (91) pitches / Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

Major League Baseball's latest effort to get more eyeballs on its product is rather ingenious. MLB Spring Breakout will give baseball fans the chance to see their favorite team's prospects on the field at the same time.

The four-day affair will feature 16 contests at various spring training sites throughout Florida and Arizona. The best young talent in the Los Angeles Angels' farm system will go toe-to-toe against their in-state rival, the Los Angeles Dodgers.

The Angels top prospects, including Caden Dana, will square off against the Dodgers' top young talent on March 16th at 4:10 p.m. PT and you can watch the game right here on Halo Hangout.

Watch LA Angels vs. Dodgers Spring Breakout game live on Halo Hangout: Roster, Rules

The Angels top pitching prospect won't be the only hurler toeing the rubber for the Halos. The Angels' Spring Breakout roster also includes Barrett Kent, Joel Hurtado, and Jack Kochanowicz. As for position players, Angels fans can watch Kyren Paris, Denzer Guzman, and Nelson Rada attempt to wreck the Dodgers' best young pitchers.

Rada showed flashes of his potential during spring training before being re-assigned to minor league camp. The 18-year-old looks to be the Angels' center fielder of the future.

Most MLB Spring Breakout games are not nine-inning affairs, but seven. However, the Angels and Dodgers have decided to play all nine. There are some slight changes in the way the games are played, as there's no three-batter minimum. This should allow for every pitcher on the roster to see the field. Some ballparks will also offer the ability to try out MLB's new Automated Ball-Strike (ABS) system. Enjoy the game, Angels fans.

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