Why Anthony Rendon’s comments on baseball are actually infuriating Angels, MLB fans

Anthony Rendon was the wrong person to say what he said.
Los Angeles Angels infielder Anthony Rendon
Los Angeles Angels infielder Anthony Rendon / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

Very few people, if anyone, reading this right now is making $35 million per year to go to work only two days per week. But that's exactly what Anthony Rendon has done of the past four seasons. Of a possible 546 games, Rendon has appeared in just 200 (36.6%). Most people, whether they have a good excuse or not, would be fired from their job if they only showed up as often as Rendon.

Rendon, however, is under contract with the Los Angeles Angels for the next three seasons and will be paid $38 million per year. No matter how many games he plays from now through the 2026 season, Rendon will get the remaining $114 million on his deal.

Prior to spring workouts on Monday, Rendon made some controversial comments. The Angels' third baseman was asked if baseball was still a top priority. His response was rather tone-deaf given his level of play since arriving in LA. Rendon said, "It’s never been a top priority for me. This is a job. I do this to make a living. My faith, my family come first before this job. So if those things come before it, I’m leaving."

Why Anthony Rendon’s comments on baseball are actually infuriating Angels, MLB fans

Anthony Rendon's comments, themselves, were not the problem. No one would begrudge another person for putting their faith and their family ahead of their job. That's not the issue. It's Rendon's laissez-faire attitude with the sport that has caused so much disgust among Angels fans and fans throughout Major League Baseball.

Fans want to know that the players, who they pay their hard-earned money to see, are giving it their all each time they step foot onto the field. Rendon's comments smack of someone who's just "going through the motions".

Rendon stirred up controversy earlier this offseason when he said that the baseball season was too long. Again, Rendon is the wrong person to preach such a message. That would be like Shaquille O'Neal complaining that the three-point line is too far away from the basket. Rendon is never going to play a full season, just like Shaq is never going to shoot a three-pointer. So don't bring it up.

Angels fans just want to see Rendon do something he hasn't done over the past four years - his job. Since 2021, Rendon has eclipsed 50 games played just once, all while posting a .701 OPS. Doing one's job, and doing it well are two different things entirely. And that's why fans are furious with Rendon's comments.