Why change in Angels Ownership has been a long time coming

Los Angeles Angels Introduce - Anthony Rendon
Los Angeles Angels Introduce - Anthony Rendon / Jayne Kamin-Oncea/GettyImages

The hope is that the LA Angels are sold by the start of the 2023 season which will spark a new change from top to bottom. While fans speculate who could be the team's next owner, regardless, it will be a breath of fresh air as current ownership gets its last swan song in building the current team.

Writing on the wall

Based on previous years, the growing pressure to get back to the postseason has been on the team's back since the Angels got there back in 2014. While current owner, Arte Moreno, has shown that he has been willing to spend on superstars, he has seemingly struck out on every free agent the team has pursued.

Now with the New York Mets having new ownership and buying virtually any player the team wants, there could be a shift in how teams operate and are bought. Mets owner, Steve Cohen, is running the team like a fun hobby and not worrying about spending, if only the Angels could do the same.

The team refuses to spend past the luxury tax which is the incentive for teams to not spend too much as there is no salary cap in baseball. Going after big free agents and locking them up long-term creates a top-heavy budget that allows very little wiggle room if the team wants to stay under the luxury tax, which is $210 million this year.

Change in right direction

This year, Arte Moreno will have his fingerprints all over this team in 2023 as he has shown that he was willing to spend this year. However, there will be huge key decisions to make for new ownership which starts with either keeping Shohei Ohtani or letting him go in free agency next off-season.

Additionally, the team has been under scrutiny for minor league conditions and not producing enough homegrown talent which is key for any team to progress. New ownership will have to ensure that change positive is coming from the ground up and that also asks the question if Angels general manager, Perry Minasian sticks around.

So far, Minasian has changed around the farm system a lot by bringing in his own scouting and minor league development guys. But, his job is on the line if he can not field a competitive team with Mike Trout and Shohei Ohtani once again as depth seemed to be the problem last season.

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Either way, new ownership will want to make their presence known throughout the league, whether it is through signing a big free agent, extending Shohei Ohtani, or approving a big trade.