Mike Trout is still good, very, very good


The Los Angeles Angels were blessed when they drafted Mike Trout with the 25th pick in the first round of the 2009 Major League Baseball Draft. What is there to say about Mike Trout? He’s good. He’s very good.

So why is Mike Trout so good? I’ll try to not to bore you with the obvious, about this seemingly mythological creature we call Mike Trout but this guy does it all and is only getting better.

Mike Trout started the season off slow and most were ready to kick him off from atop the baseball mountain as the best player in the world. Not so fast. Trout is most often compared to Washington Nationals super star Bryce Harper. Harper is good, don’t get me wrong but I’d take Trout 11 out of 10 times.

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Harper started off the season blazing hot with unreal numbers. To date, Harper is hitting .242 has 13 home runs, and 34 runs batted in. Pretty good numbers right? Keep in mind, Trout started the season slow and Harper went on an absolute tear.

Here are the numbers now for your Los Angeles Angels superstar centerfielder. He is batting .318 has 12 home runs and 40 runs batted in. Yes, I’m telling you that Trout is batting 76 points higher than Harper in batting average, has 6 more RBI’s and has just 1 less home run.

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Well offensively Trout is clearly superior to Harper. However baseball is more than just offense though and since both of these players are more than one-dimensional players, like David Ortiz of the Red Sox we have to look at their defensive numbers too. Sorry David, but just like in games you’re going to have to sit on the bench for this this one.

Harper has a career fielding percentage of .979 which isn’t bad. It also isn’t great for an outfielder. Trout as you might have guessed has a higher fielding percentage. Trout’s career fielding percentage is .993. ‘Oh wow. that’s high’ is what I imagine you just said out loud while you’re reading this, and good for you because you’re right.

Defensively the one knock on Trout has been his throwing arm. They have said to have an average to slightly above average throwing arm. They don’t say that anymore. Trout’s arm has improved immensely. Runners who used to test Trout’s arm routinely have been stopped dead in their tracks this season. This guy can do no wrong.

Bryce Harper wants to “make baseball fun again” Trout knows that baseball has always been fun. Harper runs his mouth, yells at umpires, flips his bat and has a stupid haircut. Trout goes out quietly everyday, does his job (and does it better than Harper) runs hard and has had about a number 3 guard buzz cut his whole career.

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Trout often gets compared to the likes of Mickey Mantle, as in Mickey freaking Mantle. Harper most often draws comparisons to Frank Robinson, as in Frank Robinson. Both players were great in their time but Mantle is baseball immortality.

So long story short, Trout is still good and you don’t have to worry about him not being good. Oh and he knows Kobe which is pretty cool too.