Los Angeles Angels wives roll out the ball for charity


The Los Angeles Angels players’ wives ban together every year to do a charity event called the “Golden Ball Event”.  Last month they had their most profitable event ever selling all 528 mystery bags with a player autographed ball inside.

The Los Angeles Angels support many fundraisers throughout the season and also in the off-season as well.  The Special Olympics, Down Syndrome Association of Orange County, The Juvenile Diabetes Association, The Orange County Alzheimer’s Association, and many, many more.

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On May 28th, 2016 the Angels players’ wives led by Kristin Weaver (Jered Weaver‘s wife) held the 6th Annual Golden Ball Event in front of Angel Stadium.  The event was to raise money for Special Olympics of Southern California so that their athletes they serve don’t have to pay any money to travel and participate in Special Olympic events.

The Angels wives made up 528 bags which had an autograph baseball of one of the Angels players inside.  Approximately 30 bags had a special golden autographed ball.  Those were lucky enough to get those balls got four tickets to a future Angels game as well as a chance to go down on the field and meet the player who signed their golden ball.

Weaver was very pleased with the turnout for this year’s Golden Ball Event.

“This gives us a chance to raise money for the Special Olympics of Southern California to support the athletes. It’s been a great event and we’ve had a great turnout this year and we are really excited about it,” Weaver said. “It keeps getting better and better each year. This year we sold 528 bags ($40 a piece) in the past our best was 504 so we upped it a couple of thousand which is cool.”

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So how did the Angels wives get involved in this event?

“In the past we did a ‘Mystery Bag’ Fundraiser, but when Jered and I took it over six years ago we decided to add the ‘Golden Ball’ twist,” said Weaver of the event which raised over $21,000 for Special Olympics this year. “This gives fans a chance to meet the player who signed that ball (golden ball).  It’s helped more people to come out. It’s cool. It’s fun for people to know that they can meet that player. For us it feels great to help out. It’s a ton of fun and a great organization, we love every minute of it.”

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Special Olympics Local Program Coordinator and Leadership Council member, Ticky Gorin is thankful the support the Los Angeles Angels organization,the players wives, and fans give to Special Olympics through the Golden Ball Event.

“This money helps us a lot. It goes to the uniforms they wear during the event, travelling cost, facility use, or anything we need because we don’t want to charge our athletes nothing at all,” Gorin said. “It makes us feel great that we sold out all of the balls and the support of the community and the Angels.  We are big fan of the Angels.  The fact that the players wives come out and help and the support of the community is so great it leaves me speechless.”

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