4 LA Angels players who won’t survive on roster past MLB trade deadline

Who stays and who goes?
Los Angeles Angels outfielders Taylor Ward, Jo Adell, and Kevin Pillar
Los Angeles Angels outfielders Taylor Ward, Jo Adell, and Kevin Pillar / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

It's become apparent that the Los Angeles Angels will be sellers at this year's MLB trade deadline. The Halos lost Shohei Ohtani during the offseason and failed to even attempt to supplement the roster. Mike Trout's knee injury earlier this season sealed the deal, and it's only a matter of time before Perry Minasian begins to sell off assets.

While it's rather disappointing for the Angels fanbase, there's a measured optimism that comes with that news as well. It's not as if having two MVP-caliber players and investing hundreds of millions of dollars in payroll over the years has brought a championship to Anaheim. Perhaps a shakeup and investing in young, controllable talent will help the Angels effectively hit the reset button.

There are already rumors floating about, and several Angels players that fans are familiar with are being viewed as potential trade targets. Which four Angels players won't survive on the roster past the MLB trade deadline?

LA Angels starter Tyler Anderson is as good as gone

One thing that almost every contender will be looking for at the MLB trade deadline is starting pitching. While relievers always draw a crowd, a veteran left-hander starter is something that few teams will be willing to pass on — especially one who's under contract beyond the 2024 season.

Tyler Anderson fits that mold perfectly, and will surely draw a number of suitors this summer. The Angels cannot afford to bungle this, and must find a way to get the best package possible in exchange for the southpaw.

Taylor Ward won't be wearing an LA Angels uniform after the MLB trade deadline

This one is going to sting a bit, Angels fans. While there's no immediate need for LA to trade Taylor Ward, he could fetch a nice return prior to the MLB trade deadline. Ward has a few years of team control remaining, and a number of contending teams will be looking to add some pop to their outfield.

Ward could be deemed the Angels' best trade chip at this year's deadline. There aren't many impactful outfielders, outside of Chicago White Sox's Luis Robert, who are expected to be moved before July 30. If the Angels get an offer they can't refuse, Angels fans should expect to see Ward wearing a different uniform later this summer.

Look for the LA Angels to trade closer Carlos Estévez

Carlos Estévez is the very definition of a rental. The Angels closer will be a free agent after this season, and LA should take back whatever they can in return for his services this season.

With an ERA north of 4.00, Estévez has been a rather mediocre closer this season. But to be fair, it's not as if the Angels have given him that many opportunities to close out games this season. While Estévez may not be as highly sought after as Oakland A's reliever Mason Miller, the Angels could still get something in return for the 31-year-old.

LA Angles infielder Luis Rengifo won't last past the MLB trade deadline

Just like Ward, the Angels don't have to trade Luis Rengifo. But sometimes it about what you can get now rather than later. Rengifo is a contributor to the Angels now, but will he be part of the next contending iteration of the Halos? That's what Minasian has to ask himself every time he picks up the phone to field a call for one of LA's top assets.

The Angels are not competing for a championship this season, and are unlikely to do so in 2025 either. That means that a player like Rengifo — who's a free agent after next season — is the perfect trade candidate. LA needs to be focused on keeping and acquiring players that can help them in 2026 and beyond. Rengifo doesn't fit that mold and should be moved before the MLB trade deadline.

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