LA Angels: 3 ideal long-term replacements for Joe Maddon

Joe Maddon, LA Angels
Joe Maddon, LA Angels / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages
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The LA Angels have fired Joe Maddon after losing the first 12 games of their 14 game-losing streak. That's the reality. Some fans liked the move, some fans didn't.

Regardless of what every fan's stance is, however, what needs to happen is for the team to move on and figure out who they want leading the charge moving forward long-term.

As for now, Phil Nevin will be the interim manager. He has lost the first two games, but it's of course a long season. There are 104 games left on the year, and the Halos will look to see what they have in Nevin as he tries to right the ship.

No. 3 ideal long-term replacement for LA Angels' Manager Joe Maddon: Phil Nevin

Phil Nevin was Joe Maddon's third base coach this year, and he's obviously the interim manager for the LA Angels right now. He will be the manager for the rest of the season. He was the third base coach for the New York Yankees from 2019 to 2021. Before that, he held that position with the San Francisco Giants in 2017.

Nevin has managed multiple Triple-A teams in his career. One was the Arizona Diamondbacks' Triple-A affiliated Reno Aces. The other was the Detroit Tigers' Triple-A affiliated Toledo Mud Hens. Going from Reno to a MLB third-base coach in 2017, Nevin has a few very nice lines on his resume. If he performs well in this 106-game tryout he has with Anaheim, don't be too surprised if he gets hired permanently.