Latest Angels trade rumors prove team will never have a plan under Arte Moreno

The Angels need a clear direction moving forward.
Los Angeles Angels owner Arte Moreno
Los Angeles Angels owner Arte Moreno / Brandon Sloter/GettyImages

The Los Angeles Angels' front office is lost. While rumors are circulating that the Angels plan to sell at the upcoming MLB trade deadline, it's not going to be a fire sale.

Several reports have emerged suggesting that players like Carlos Estévez, Luis Garica and others who aren't signed beyond the 2024 season will likely be moved ahead of the July 30 deadline. But players like Taylor Ward, Luis Rengifo, and even Tyler Anderson will probably remain with the organization for the rest of the season.

In that sense, the Angels aren't as much sellers as they are procrastinators. Any objective Angels fan can look at the current roster and see that 2024 is a wash. Looking at the farm system, it's safe to say that the Angels aren't going to be contending for the AL West crown in 2025 or 2026, either. So what are the Angels even doing?

Latest Angels trade rumors prove that LA will never have a plan under Arte Moreno

If the Angels weren't willing to go all-in to keep Shohei Ohtani in Anaheim, why in the world would any Angels fan assume that LA will make a big splash this offseason to sign a mega-star? The Halos are not going to pursue the likes of Juan Soto, Alex Bregman, and Corbin Burnes, so the idea of rebuilding the team through free agency this winter isn't going to happen.

According to MLB Pipeline, the Angels have just one (Caden Dana) top-100 prospect in the farm system. All of the Halos' top five prospects are 20 years of age or younger and unlikely to even make their major league debut until 2026 or later, so the Angels' savior isn't currently working his way up through the minor leagues either.

The Angels should be selling off every single asset they can this summer in order to stock up on young, controllable talent. Call it a fire sale, call it a rebuild, call it whatever you want, but the Angels can't just sit on their hands and trade a bunch of guys who'll net them a fifth outfielder and 26-year-old reliever. Ward, Rengifo, and Anderson should all be dealt, and GM Perry Minasian should even listen on some of the younger talent like Zach Neto and Logan O'Hoppe to see what he might be able to get.

Moreno's fingers are all over this so-called "plan." There's no clear direction. No free agent is going to want to sign up to be a part of this mess going forward unless they're grossly overpaid. Throw in the laughable crop of talent down the farm and accelerated promotions over the years, and Angels fans know exactly why they're in this situation.

Moreno has maintained that he has no intention in sell the team anytime soon. That's a pity, because by the looks of things, there won't be many improvement until that happens.

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