Major League Baseball gets soft in their ridiculous LA Angels suspensions

Anthony Rendon, LA Angels
Anthony Rendon, LA Angels / Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Nine LA Angels were suspended after the wild bench-clearing brawl against the Seattle Mariners on Sunday, along with three Mariners. These Angels suspensions were absolutely ridiculous. Here's a list of who was suspended from both sides:

First off, it's important to remember who started this entire fight. That would be the Seattle Mariners, who threw at Mike Trout's head multiple times the night before. Think it wasn't on purpose? That couldn't be more false.

They intentionally walked him the night before because he is the father of their franchise, and then took a mound visit as soon as he got up to the plate. They threw at him twice and then intentionally walked him.

They weren't going to pitch to him, and their decision was to try to smoke him with fastballs in the head instead of just intentionally walking him. Luckily, Erik Swanson had no control that night and couldn't hit Trout in the head and had to just intentionally walk him, but it's important not to forget his true intentions.

Swanson admitted he was trying to hit LA Angels' franchise player and all-time great Mariners owner Trout in the head.

Here's what Swanson had to say about nearly hitting LA Angels' CF Trout in his head multiple times:

"You're trying to go up right there," said Swanson. "If I'm going to miss up, that's where I want to miss, especially to a hitter like that. The guy is one of, if not the best, hitters in the entire league, and if I miss, I need to miss up with that."

You're "trying to go up right there?" So he's admitting he tried to throw the ball at Trout's head...Weird flex, but okay. TROUT'S HEAD is where you "want to miss?" If you miss, you "need to miss up with that?" Seriously, let's stop acting like it was the Halos that started this.

And before anyone gets upset because Michael Lorenzen hit Justin Upton in the head nine days before this game even started, anyone who claims that was on purpose is kidding themselves.

Michael Lorenzen, who hit Upton, talked about it after the game and spoke about how the new slick baseballs that are being used forced the ball to slip out of his hand; something that other pitchers around the league have been very vocal about this whole season.

Why would Lorenzen hit a former Angel who his Angels teammates have always loved? Stop being ridiculous. Mariners pitchers even agreed with Lorenzen that the baseballs used late in games at T-Mobile Park are "pretty bad." Lorenzen also went right over to check on Upton right away.

So how is the Angels' Manager suspended when none of this would have happened if the M's didn't throw at their daddy? And Scott Servais doesn't get anything? Correct. Phil Nevin was suspended for simply responding to his franchise player's head getting thrown at.

Proving this to be even more insane, the league is acting like the Angels also threw at Jesse Winker's head. They threw at his backside. They did that because they didn't want to see anyone get hurt, even after Seattle very clearly tried to injure Trouty.

The Halos didn't even fight fire with fire, yet they are getting suspended due to the Mariners being overly sensitive. The same goes for the rest of these suspensions. Again, none of this would have taken place in the first place if Trout wasn't thrown his head.

The league absolutely botched these decisions. Since the fight, however, the Halos are 2-0--beating the Mariners after the game resumed on Sunday and beating the White Sox on Monday. Perhaps this brawl provided a spark for this club.

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Typical of the lowly Mariners however, who are in fourth place after expecting to win the AL West, the M's not only lost to the Angels when the game was resumed but also lost to the awful Baltimore Orioles the next day.