Mark Gubicza is a fan of the Angels offseason

Sep 27, 2022; Boston, Massachusetts, USA; Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Michael Wacha (52) throws
Sep 27, 2022; Boston, Massachusetts, USA; Boston Red Sox starting pitcher Michael Wacha (52) throws / Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

A couple of days ago there was a segment on MLB Network that had broadcasters from the Astros, Rangers, Mariners and Los Angeles Angels organizations discuss their team's offseason. Why Oakland didn't have a representative there I'm not sure, but they're not focused on winning right now anyway.

The Angels rep was Mark Gubicza, current color commentator for the Halos on Bally Sports West. Gubicza and the other representatives answered questions about the state of their respective teams and what else they're going to do this offseason.

Gubicza had a lot of good things to say about the Angels offseason.

The first question asked was if these broadcasters think their respective teams made up ground against the defending champion Astros. Gubicza, correctly, said yes. He cited the Tyler Anderson addition and all of the depth as the reason why. It's easy to forget that the Angels were 27-17 before the injuries started. Had they had actual depth and not relied on the likes of Andrew Velazquez, Tyler Wade, and Matt Duffy among others to play every day, they would've been much better.

The Angels have brought in Hunter Renfroe, Brandon Drury, and Gio Urshela, all above-average hitters, to join the mix. The lineup might not even have one of Drury or Urshela in it if everyone is healthy, which is wild compared to last season.

I don't expect the Angels to pass Houston by any means, but I expect them to be competitive. That alone is much better than what we've seen over the last half-decade. The Astros broadcaster himself believes all three teams got much better and that the AL West will be as tight as it's been in a while.

The second question was if your team added one more player after the new year what position would they play? I thought Gubicza's answer made a lot of sense.

He pointed out the strength of all of the rotations in the AL West and the fact that despite the Angels having as good of a rotation as they've had in a long time, they still could use another starter. He mentioned Johnny Cueto and Michael Wacha as potential options. I think Zack Greinke, and Wade Miley make a lot of sense for the back end as well.

The Angels were in on guys like Nathan Eovaldi, Corey Kluber, and Rich Hill but didn't end up closing a deal. I expect them to land a sixth starter as well.

It's unfortunate they only asked for one position because the Angels should do more than just add a sixth starter. I believe they could still use another reliever and that they should really be trying their best to acquire a shortstop.

Overall, it seems like the consensus around the league is that the Angels have improved. Whether it'll be enough to get them to the postseason remains to be seen, but there's a lot to like about what the Angels have done so far.

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