The best Angels player to wear number 28

Los Angeles Angels v Baltimore Orioles
Los Angeles Angels v Baltimore Orioles / G Fiume/GettyImages

Number 27 might just be the most stacked number in Los Angeles Angels history with Vladimir Guerrero not even being the best player to wear the number. Unfortunately, while more players have worn number 28, the talent isn't exactly there.

Aaron Loup wears it now, and he underwhelmed a bit in his first season with the Angels. Andrew Heaney wore it for a long time before being shipped off to the Yankees. Jose Molina wore it for a while when he served as an adequate backup catcher. Bert Blylevin wore it when he was finishing out his Hall of Fame career as an Angel.

The best Angels player to wear number 28 was an original Angel.

Albie Pearson is the best player to wear number 28 in LA Angels history

Albie Pearson was selected in the Expansion Draft by the Angels from the Orioles. Pearson won the Rookie of the Year award as a member of the Washington Senators but was traded to Baltimore and never played in more than 80 games in a season for the Orioles. The Angels scooped him up and have to feel great about how that played out.

Pearson made an immediate impact right away, slashing .288/.420/.400 with seven home runs and 41 RBI in 144 games in the 1961 season. Pearson was an on-base machine, finishing fourth in the league with his .420 OBP. He drew 96 walks which was tied for sixth in the league while striking out just 40 times. He'd shine at the top of this Angels order hitting in front of the likes of Trout and Ohtani.

Pearson's best season came in 1963 when he slashed .304/.402/.398 with six home runs and 47 RBI. He was an all-star and finished 14th in the AL MVP voting.

Pearson didn't hit for much power as he never hit more than seven home runs in a single season, but he was the perfect leadoff hitter. He got on base at such a high level and even led the league with 115 runs scored in 1962.

Pearson ranks fifth in OBP and 12th in walks in franchise history during his five full seasons as an Angel (he played in just two games in 1966). Standing at just 5'5" it would've been fun to watch Pearson play on this Angels team.

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