The best Angels player to wear number 7

California Angels v Baltimore Orioles
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The Los Angeles Angels have had 24 players wear number 7 in their history but don't have a player who really sticks out as the best. Jo Adell had the chance to be the best one, but he's really struggled in the big leagues and has lost his roster spot to Brett Phillips.

Zack Cozart wore number 7 when he struggled as an Angel after signing a big contract. Rick Burleson wore it for six years as an Angel but only played over 100 games once. Buck Rodgers was the first to wear number 7 as he wore it during his long Angels tenure. Rodgers was a good defensive catcher and is one of the better catchers in club history, but he didn't hit enough.

Dave Chalk is the best player to wear number 7 in Angels history.

Dave Chalk is a name a lot of Angels fans likely haven't heard of, and it makes sense as to why. His career .255/.327/.312 slash line isn't extraordinary by any means, but in Chalk's six seasons as an Angel, he did make two all-star teams.

Chalk was on some very subpar Angels teams and was an American League all-star in 1974 and 1975 despite not putting up the best numbers. He slashed .263/.330/.331 with eight home runs and 87 RBI in those seasons. Solid numbers for sure, but all-star is a bit of a stretch.

While I don't think he was an all-star caliber player, Chalk wasn't bad by any means. He came up as a shortstop but played mostly third base as an Angel.

His best season came in 1975 when he slashed .273/.353/.345 with a 106 OPS+. He hit just three home runs but got on base at a high level. He was worth 3.9 bWAR that season, a very good number.

Overall, Chalk ranks in the top 40 in bWAR among position players in club history. He also ranks 22nd in defensive WAR. He wasn't anything special, but he's the best Angels player to wear number 7 in team history.

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