3 worst moments of LA Angels' 14-game losing streak

Joe Maddon, LA Angels
Joe Maddon, LA Angels / Dustin Satloff/GettyImages
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No. 2 worst moment of LA Angels' 14-game losing streak: Joe Maddon's firing

Regardless of how each and every LA Angel fan feels about Joe Maddon being fired, it was certainly a tough day for the franchise. When a team's manager is being fired, something is clearly wrong. Therefore, Maddon's firing summed up the losing streak pretty well.

Turmoil led to a job being lost. It was tough to see someone who's spent over three decades with the Angels no longer be a part of this ballclub. He's been a manager with this team three times, and was the one who figured out how to use Ohtani to the best of his full two-way abilities.

Maddon's firing happened because the team still hasn't been able to win games even when they have the two best players in the world healthy and at their peaks. While Ohtani himself knows that it's not all on Maddon, the team felt that it was--or was at least enough to the point where they wanted to make a change.

When the Halos brought Maddon back after the 2019 season, it was a big deal to hire a three-time Manager of the Year with two pennants and a World Series to his name. Seeing him lose his job early was a tough look for the organization.