Shohei Ohtani handles violent brawl with Mariners in arguably best way out of anyone

LA Angels
LA Angels / Ronald Martinez/GettyImages

When the LA Angels and Seattle Mariners got in by far the best bench-clearing brawl in recent memory for MLB, many of the best moments were of the players and coaches battering each other. It seemed to spark a lot of fire in the Angels, and it was exactly what the team needed.

The VERY best moment, however, may actually not have even been any punch thrown, or any act of violence at all. While many may be confused as to what that possibly could mean, they need to dig a little deeper. Why did nobody hear about Shohei Ohtani's involvement in the fight? Well, because he took a unique approach:

Ohtani somehow helped his team in the a peaceful way? Ohtani simply pulled a Mariner away from the fight. He didn't punch him to make it easier to follow it up by yanking him from the crowd, he didn't drag him away on the ground, and he didn't throw him.

Shohei Ohtani simply peacefully grabbed the opposing player and brought him away from the brawl with the LA Angels.

Shohei Ohtani appeared to be the only one on either the LA Angels or Seattle Mariners to DE-escalate the situation. He simply found a Mariner who was looking to fight the Angels, and calmly pulled him away and calmed him down.

Ohtani doesn't just pull his cards right when the game's going on, but he even knows how to best handle things when the game is paused to activate a full-on bench and bullpen-clearing fight. Also, for what it's worth, Ohtani managed to stay healthy during this fight.

That was arguably the most underrated concept from the fight--Ohtani wasn't injured and neither were any big-money players. Anthony Rendon was suspended for shoving Jesse Winker in the face while on the IL, but even then--props to him for not making his season-ending wrist injury worse.

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This fight was truly one for the ages, and good for the Angels in sticking up for their franchise player in Mike Trout. If the M's hadn't thrown at their father's head multiple times on purpose, none of this would have happened.