3 Angels trade rumors to squelch before they gain any traction

Los Angeles Angels v Texas Rangers
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LA Angels outfielder Mike Trout is not getting traded no matter what

Another important one to shoot down would be Mike Trout going anywhere. There're different reasons as to why Trout wouldn't go anywhere, but even if the Angels collapse and trade Ohtani, Trout will still be here.

First of all, Trout has a no-trade clause. This is not to say he wouldn't waive it to go to a team like the Phillies, but there's a reason Trout signed the deal he signed. He wants to be an Angel for life. Even through all of the losing he's never asked out, all he's done is double down.

Let's just say Trout was fine with being traded or even requested it. Where would he go? Trout is making $35.45 million annually through the 2030 season. How many teams would trade for that contract? We know Arte Moreno isn't going to pay a cent of it.

Another reason Trout isn't going anywhere is his production. Look, I think he bounces back and is much better than a .250 hitter, but it's pretty clear Trout is beginning to decline offensively. He's still an elite player, but he's in decline. There just aren't many teams comfortable trading for an injury prone player who's in decline making as much money as Trout is.

Lastly, the cost won't be anything close to what the Angels are comfortable with. I'm not going to say Trout has negative value, but he's not netting you top prospects or anything close to worth trading your franchise icon. It's just not happening.